Alpha Centauri Software provides cost effective small contract services.

If you have a small one off software task Alpha Centauri Software can help. This can take the form of a single module that you wish to use in your software, to a complete application.

All small contracts are quoted upfront, this is not an estimated but a quote. This is quote is based on the software specification. So you know right up front the costs that are involved, and what you will be getting.

This allows small companies to use highly skilled software developers without the need to retain them long term.

General Information

Alpha Centauri Software reserves its rights to use any code, in part or in full as it sees fit.

Alpha Centauri Software will provide binaries files (exe/dll) to the customers. Extra costs will be involved if the source code is required. The purchase of source code must be made clear in the software spectifications before any projects are started.

Alpha Centauri Software provides 1 month support for any code to ensure that any development correctly hears to the software specification. Any new feature(s) or improvements not covered by the original software specifications will be quoted for separately.

Software Languages

Alpha Centauri Software language of choice is C#. Both in the Windows PC environment and as well as the Windows embedded environments, like WinCE 5.0/6.0.

C is our language of choice for Linux/Unix environments for PC, Server, or embedded ARM applications.